Application Requirements

■ Recruitment target

· Job category

Each business division has about 1-2 graduates with both new graduates and experienced people.

◎ Regional revitalization project

【Promotion of environmental measures】 Basic environmental plan, formulation of implementation plan for measures against global warming, promotion of energy measures, promotion of utilization of biomass

【Promotion of Regional Industries】Industry Promotion Vision Panning, Branding of Regional Resources, Promotion of Agriculture, Commerce and Industry Collaboration, Human Resource Development Support

【Support for community development】 Promotion of Community Planning for citizen cooperation, Formulation of Comprehensive plan etc., Research and Analysis of Regional Issues, Support for Regional Activities

【Support for overseas expansion】 Support for Overseas Deployment of SMEs using ODA

【Business development support by statistical analysis】 Branding, marketing research, solving Social Problems by utilizing AI (artificial intelligence)

◎ Construction consultant business

【Promotion of social capital development】 Construction Consultation surveying and Geological Survey, support for Traffic social experiments

■ Documents to be submitted

· CV (optional form) · Entry sheet 【PDF download】 <New graduates only> · Curriculum vitae (optional form) <Experienced person only>

■Required license / qualification

· Regular car license (AT limited)

■ Recruitment flow schedule

<New graduate>

For new graduates, please entry from the minavi 2019 website.

March 1: Entry acceptance starts 
April 2 :Acceptance of application documents 
April 27 :Company explanatory meeting ※ 
May 11: Application deadline [Applications shall not be accepted after this] 
Mid May: 1st Selection (Document examination) 
Secondary screening will be in late May
Early June :Determination of Entrants

※ Details will be announced soon.


<Experienced person>

We are recruiting from time to time.

[Regional Revitalization Project] For those who have experience in administrative affairs or consulting work.

[Construction consultant business] For those who have experience in civil engineering work.

Please send e-mail to "Inquiries". Please describe the subject as "About employment inquiry of experienced person(name)".

The recruitment process is as follows.

Document submission (Resume and job history) → Written examination (suitability test) · Primary interview (At Matsue office)→ Secondary interview → Assignment


Office environment and Benefits

■Work place

Headquarters (Hokuryo-cho, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture 46-6)


■Working hours

9: 00 ~ 18: 00 (break between 12: 00 ~ 13: 00)

※ In July and August, from 8: 00 ~ 17: 00 (break between 12: 00 ~ 13: 00)


■Basic salary

<New graduate>

Monthly salary: 186,030 yen (graduated from four-year university)

     194,010 yen (Master's course completion)

     201,990 yen (Doctoral course completion)

<Experienced person>

Based on experience / ability etc.


Commuting allowance, overtime allowance, qualification allowance (engineer etc)


Once a year (April)


Twice a year (July, December)


■Holidays / Vacation


Annual holidays: 122 days 

Weekend holiday system (Saturday · Sunday), National holiday, Year-end and New Year


· Paid vacation · Special leave · Summer vacation

· Nursing care leave · Child care leave · Maternity and childbirth vacation

· Nikoniko system : Work hour adjustment

■Benefits / In-house System

· Social insurance system · Retirement pension system  

· Regular medical examination ·

· Internal and external training 

· Employee trip (irregular)

· Office system anywhere

· My flex system

■Mentoring system



Recruitment record

<Graduate school> University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Tottori University, Hiroshima University, Prefectural Hiroshima University, Kagawa University, Tokushima University, Shiga Prefectural University

<University> Shimane University, Chiba University, Tottori University, Yamaguchi University, Yamaguchi Prefectural University, Shiga University, Hitotsubashi University, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyushu Sangyo University

<Junior College / College of Technology / Vocational School> Matsue National College of Technology, University of Shimane Junior College

Number of recruits

2015: 2 (completed graduate school master's course, experienced)

2016: 4 (experienced)

2017: 4 (graduated from four-year university, experienced)

2018: 1 ( completed graduate school master's course)  

Contact information

Recruitment Managers: Mr. Higo, Mr. Yamada

E-mail: (Note: Please convert "@" in the mail address to half-width characters)

TEL: 0852-55-2100 FAX: 0852-55-2101