Corporate Philosophy

We support any challenges for regional future, and create sparkling stars on the ground together.

Corporate Target

We aim at a Future-Optimization Pursuing Corporation which keeps giving good sensations to related people throughout our projects to support all challenges for employee`s, family`s and regional dreams.


Head Office

〒690−0816 Shimane-ken, Matsue-shi, Hokuryocho 46−6 Soft Business Park D
TEL.0852−55−2100 FAX.0852−55−2101

Chugoku Branch

〒730−0851 Hiroshima-ken, Hiroshima-shi, Naka-ku, Enomachi7−6AXIS ENOMACHI1F
TEL.082−942−1320 FAX082−942−1310

Shikoku Branch

〒760−0033 Kagawa-ken, Takamatsu-shi, Marunouchi4−6Akira Building2F
TEL.087−813−0414 FAX.087−813−0424

Business Location

Okayama-ken, Okayama-shi・Tottori-ken, Yonago-shi・Hiroshima-ken, Kure-shi
Shimane-ken, Yasug-shi・Shimane-ken, Unnan-shi・Shimane-ken, Izumo-shi・Shimane-ken, Oda-shi


CEO - Goubara Hachirou


April, 1996


Capital 10 million JPY
BanksThe San-In Godo Bank, Ltd., The Shimane Bank Ltd., Japan Finance Corporation


Construction Consultation (MLIT: 23-5768)
Survey Industry (MLIT:3-26280)
Geological Survey Industry (MLIT: 27-2724)
Privacy Mark【JIPDEC: 27000140(01)】

Certified By

2010 Shimane Prefectural Business Location Plan

2016 Takamatsu City Enterprise Attraction Act



2 Doctors of Engineering, 1 Doctor of Management Information


General Technology Administration Division: 3 persons / Construction Division: (Urban and Rural Project: 4 persons, Road Name and Soil Texture and Bedding: 1 person) / Environment Division: (Environmental Safety Project: 1 person, Nature Environmental Safety: 1 person)


Urban and Rural Project: 2 persons, Road: 5 persons, Waterway/Sand Arrestation/Coast: 1 person, Soil Texture & Bedding: 3 persons, Construction Planning/Facility/Quantity Survey: 1 person

Assistants of Engineers

Environment: 1 person, Construction: 3 persons, Agriculture: 1 person, Bioengineering: 1 person

Other Qualifications

Certified Technology Administrator (Waterway Sand Arrestation/Coast/Ocean): 1 person, Advanced Landscaping Architect: 1 person, Disruption Control Administrator (Vibration Related): 1 person, VE Leader: 2 persons, Institute of Civil Engineers Fellows: 1 person


25th NIKKEI New Office Promotion Award, UNICEF Monthly Support Continued Support Award, Full Participation Road-Making Shimane Prefecture Governor Award, 2nd Vibrant Employment Shimane Prefecture Governor Award, 2014 Civil Engineering Consultant Division Excellence Award by Matsue Mayor

Partnership Agreement

Japan Finance Corporation, MD of Shimane University ()

Membership of Professional Institutes

Chugoku Region Think-Tank Chamber, Chugoku Economic Federation, NPO Nakamura Hajime Eastern Institute, NPO Scenic Byway Community Japan, LLC Green Power Unnan, Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE)

Business Connection

METI, MLIT, Prefecture/City/Town/Village/Public Interest Incorporated Foundation/Private Business from Shimane Prefecture, Tottori Prefecture, Hiroshima Prefecture, Okayama Prefecture and Hyogo Prefecture 

Business Lineup

Promotion of Environment Measure
Environment Basic Planning, Global Warming Countermeasure Planning, Promotion of Energy Measure, Promotion of Biomass Utilization,

Promotion of Regional Industries
Industry Promotion Vision Planning, Regional Resource Blanding, Promotion of collaboration among Agriculture, Business and Technology, Support of Human Resource Development, Support of Overseas Business Penetration

Support of Regional Community Planning,
Promotion of Civic Collaboration Community Planning, General Plan Making, Research & Analysis of Regional Problems, Support of Regional Activities, Promotion of Social Capital Improvement,
Construction Consultation, Survey and Geological Survey, Support of Traffic Society Experiments, Overseas Penetration Support,
Support of ODA-Utilizing Small Business Overseas Deployment

Associated Company

ERISA (Everyplan Research and Institute of Statistics and Analysis)




Goubara Hachirou

We consult on policy planning by having continuously worked close with regions since our foundation and conducted leading-edge survey & research to solve current or future problems which mountainous areas, and local cities confront.

We simultaneously have developed our network with different research institutes, corporations, NPO and governments, and absorbed cutting-edge research results and theories.

Regional societies are now holding many problems in the acceleration of low birthrate and longevity issues.
However, we don’t think we should pessimistic about it.

That’s because we are thinking that continuously solving and challenging these problems under the awareness of the big transition stage of Japan will lead to the future of new Japan and regions. 

We would like to continue to indicate the image and direction of new Japan throughout making solutions for regional problems for the future.


JUNE 1st 2017