勝部祐治  /  Katsube Yuji


RCCM (Road), VE Leader, Level 1 Civil Engineering and Construction Management Engineer- Graduated from the Department of Resource Engineering, Yamaguchi University Faculty of Engineering (Engineering Department) (Construction Division: Road, Urban and Regional Planning, Soil and Foundation) Graduated from the Department of Resource Engineering

We are working on local creation in Chugoku district. Based on the fact that the resources of the area are "people" and "nature (forest, etc.)", we are working hard every day to think about promoting business that energizes the area.

Main business results · Management of Yunnan Municipal Forest Biomass Energy Project (Yunnan City, Liaison Power Green Power) · Basic Survey of Forest and Forestry in Bikubu Area (Fukuyama City, Fukuyama Metropolitan Area) · Kurayoshi City Region Population Vision and Regional Version Integrated strategy planning support work (Kurayoshi city)