Executive officer China branch manager Chie Kato / Kato Fuminori

Doctor (Engineering), Engineer (General Technology Supervision Department: Construction) (Construction Division: Urban and Regional Planning, Road), Surveyor

Graduated from Hiroshima University Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering Completion of the Graduate School of Engineering, Hiroshima University

We are working on planning regional and transportation and examining problem solving. We will not forget the responsibility of being deeply involved with the lives of many people, we will endeavor to make a proposal with legs on the ground.

Main Activities · "Etajima City Population Vision" and "(Etajima City Comprehensive Strategy) Formulation Support Work (Etajima City) ·" Aki Takada City Population Vision "and" Aki Takada City Town, Town Takada City Town · People · Shigoto-sensei Life comprehensive strategy "formulation support work (Aki Takada city) · Nima district" Road station "development plan (draft) review work (Ota City)